Our Vision

With hundreds of thousands of brands and shops navigating through our modern e-commerce ecosystem, we aim to keep the consumer aligned with our message and connected with the intended brand. 

The unprecedented influence of social media to the consumer means that brands must be more strategic in connecting to an over-stimulated audience.


While marketers typically target consumers, Viziulit invites them to participate in the messaging. We create authentic social influencing personal beyond massive followings or celeb sponsorships by collaborating with your average customers and creating trusted brand ambassadors amongst their personal network of friends and family.

Content Creation & Sharing 

Save Money 

Real Time Vizulit Dashboard 

Customer Relationship & Loyalty 

Gain Social Media Exposure 

Simple, Easy Tech

Our Team

The Vizulit team is made up of unique, driven and determined members who are constantly striving to adapt our product to the current e-commerce market. We work hard and fast and cater to our partners in order to help them best solve paid social marketing conflictions. We have been working together since April 2018 and have been growing ever since! 



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